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Everything You Need to Know About Spring 2021 Fashion Color Trends

With spring finally here, it’s time to lighten up your closet. There’s no better way to update your wardrobe than by stepping out in the freshest, spring 2021 color trends. While many hear the word “spring” and immediately think of florals and bright hues, we’re here to break down ways you can get the seasonal look with the hottest shades—and yes, even neutrals. Here’s a breakdown of some of the spring 2021 fashion color trends to be on the lookout for this season.

What are the Spring Colors for 2021

Pastels are a spring staple

Pastel Spring Colors 2021

It’s true…pastels are a sure sign of spring when everything goes a little softer and a little more relaxed. Colors like pale blue and baby pink are classics, but this season also brings along “new pastels” like seafoam greens, soft lavenders, and mellow yellow. These shades ooze tranquility and comfort—things that we’re all craving after a challenging year. The softness of these hues gives a feminine vibe, but you can always add a bit of edge with your personal styling touches. Either way, spring 2021 colors trends genuinely are a palette of renewal.

Essential, Year-Round Neutrals

Neutral Spring 2021 Color Trends

Pastels, not your thing? No worries. Neutrals will always be a spring colors must-have. Just look for lighter variations of the colors you love. If you wear a lot of black, try gray. Love brown? Go for our classic pashmina or linen this spring. And don’t forget about timeless off-white like our Pura Cashmere parchment color as a hallmark of any spring outfit. These inspired-by-nature shades are core classics to add instant elevation to your wardrobe. Plus, the versatility of neutrals just cannot be matched. Maybe you stick to a head-to-toe monochrome look, match a wrap with a sweater or a top. All our Spring crews have matching color wraps to give you the ultimate flexibility. Monochromatic not your thing; pair your favorite neutral with a pop of color for a bit of spark or even mix and match colors.

Unexpected combos

What is the Color for 2021?

If you’re wondering, “what is the color for 2021”, you’re in the right place. This year, Pantone named not one but two colors of the year for 2021: Illuminating (a muted yellow) and Ultimate Gray. See where we’re going with this? A pastel and a neutral. The best of both worlds! This surprising announcement showed just how much of an unprecedented time we’re living. We love mixing spring colors to create fresh looks. And this spring, it’s easier than ever, as so many of the colors are complementary. Try pairing your favorite spring shade with white for a majorly chic feel.

Spring colors 2021 has elements of familiarity, grounded in the sense of peace and calm, but also infuses uplifting energy we all need. Color has the power to transform a mood…so imagine what it can do for an outfit! This spring, why not step outside your typical choices and reach for a new color? With the spring 2021 color trends in this guide, we hope you find one (or more!) that makes you shine.

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