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6 Reasons to Love Spring Sweaters for Women

Reaching for sweaters in March, April and May might not be your first instinct, but there are many ways to pull off lightweight sweaters for spring . Think about it: the weather is starting to turn, and your brain is torn between the light, airy clothing of summer and the cozy comfort of your winter favorites. Good news! You don’t have to choose. Spring sweaters for women check all the boxes when it comes to style and comfort. They’re the best choice for Spring, and here are a few reasons why.

Types of Spring Sweaters

There are many types of spring sweaters for women. Whether you’re looking to embody spring in the colors you wear, desire convenience, or the weather isn’t warm enough for a t-shirt, spring sweaters are your solution.

Lighten Up a Little with Spring Sweaters for Women’s Spring Closet

You may have loved your chunky knits at the peak of winter, but now is the time to reach for something a bit lighter. Lightweight sweaters for Spring are typically made from finer yarns, which can still give you a degree of warmth without the bulk. We love fine-gauge knits that feel like a second skin.

Embrace the Pastels in Spring Sweaters

The sun is beginning to peek from behind the clouds, so what better time to brighten up your wardrobe, too? Instead of grabbing a dark sweater, choose something a little lighter, such as pastels, off-whites, or the myriad of beiges. Spring 2021 color trends are mood boosters, making you not only look good but feel good.

The Easy Choice for the Best Spring Sweaters

On those days when you just don’t know what to wear, lightweight sweaters for spring are always a go-to. It’s the perfect grab-and-go piece, whether you’re headed to work, running errands, or just lounging at home. Today’s women are busy and are looking for ways to take the hassle out of their morning routines. Lightweight sweaters are the best spring sweaters because they keep you warm and are convenient for the busy woman.

Endless Layering Options for Spring Sweaters

This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons we love wearing lightweight sweaters for spring. Let’s face it, spring weather never quite makes up its mind. Sometimes there’s a breeze, sometimes we get a sudden wave of warmth. Either way, spring sweaters are easy to layer over a tee or even under a light jacket or blazer. Open cardigans and sweater-jackets are another essential for when the weather starts transitioning.

Bring Back the White Spring Sweaters

Those old fashion rules, like “no white after Labor Day,” no longer apply. White is clean, fresh, and brings with it a sense of renewal—perfect for Spring! Try a shade in the white family that puts a smile on your face. Better yet, go for a monochromatic pairing for a head-to-toe chic look.

Loosen Up with Lightweight Sweaters for Spring

Say goodbye (for now) to your thick sweaters. Spring 2021 sweaters are a time for a bit more fun—something that lets air circulate and your skin breathe. Cottons, silk cashmere blends and lower gauge cashmere sweaters and tops are perfect. We love spring sweaters with a design that is perfect for all the things you do in the warm weather.

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