The Pura Cashmere Story

A Note From Our Founder

Welcome to Pura Cashmere.

My passion for design started as a young girl, watching my mother teach pattern-making and tailoring. It evolved into a career as a professional stylist that spanned more than two decades. Over the years, I’ve learned that, far too often, clothing simply looks better than it fits. It’s easy for a model to make anything sell, but the real challenge is to design pieces that make the rest of us look and feel fabulous.  

I wholeheartedly understand the difficulties women face every morning, trying to achieve an effortlessly chic look while juggling busy lives. During my time working in high-end boutiques, I helped many such women develop their unique styles.

All the time, I was learning, keeping track of what styles, designers, cuts, and silhouettes worked for my clients. Eventually, patterns began to emerge. I saw what specific designers did right — and also where they went wrong.

One thing that always stood out to me was how difficult it is to find knitwear that fits well. Cropped lengths, oversized cuts, and baggy sleeves do not look great on the vast majority of women. To find genuinely flattering cuts, you have to turn to expensive designer clothing — and even those pieces are hit and miss.

And that’s why I decided to launch my line of contemporary knitwear.

I began with a mission — actually an obsession — to make things exceptionally well. That meant using sustainable fabrics, designing flattering fits, and creating quality knitwear that will stand the test of time. And I wanted to be able to offer those pieces at an affordable price point.

As Pura Cashmere came to life, I came to realize that our approach is just as important as our mission. Yes, I want to offer impeccable craftsmanship at affordable prices, but not at the expense of our earth or other cultures. That’s why we encourage the herders we source our fibers from to use sustainable and cruelty-free practices — and we encourage them by paying fair market prices for their goods and investing in their communities.

We also believe it is essential to be fair and transparent with our customers. If you order with us, you can be confident you’re getting the best possible price. We can do that because we oversee every element that goes into the making of our knitwear, from the herders in Mongolia to the final unboxing experience for our customers. We’re excited about the future, and we hope you will join the Pura Cashmere family, where we hope our heirloom-quality sweaters and knitwear will give you (or their next owner) pleasure and confidence for years to come.


Maria K.



Sustainability is an easy thing to say, but a policy that is difficult to live up to. When we created Pura Cashmere, we wanted to provide a way for real women to enjoy the comforts of luxury natural fibered knitwear and have the peace of mind that their joy wasn’t at the expense or exploitation of others or our planet. So we spent a significant amount of time developing our supply chain and network of partners who believe in being socially and environmentally responsible. Learn more about the culture we are creating.