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How to Wear a Cashmere Wrap

Wraps are an essential closet component for all women. During times of transitional weather, or when an occasion lasts into the cool evening hours, there’s nothing more comfortable (or chic!) than a cashmere wrap. These pieces are highly versatile and can even substitute for a lightweight sweater. With the endless ways to wear it, we’ve put together a guide for exactly how to wear a cashmere wrap. Read on to find the style that suits your personality!

The Classic Neck Wraps

Wraps act very much like scarves, which is why many women opt to wear their wraps in different configurations around the neck. The traditional loop style is effortless: simply fold in half, wrap it around your neck, and pull the loose ends through the loop. Another neck option is to wrap the cashmere around your neck once (or as many times as you want), leaving the loose ends hanging down the front. The more times you wrap around, the closer you’ll get to an infinity scarf look. In this case, tuck the ends into one of the loops/folds for a look that’s clean and trendy.

Cashmere Wraps for Creature Comforts

Women’s cashmere wraps are designed with comfort in mind. For a cozy twist, use your cashmere shawl wrap as a blanket scarf. Simply drape it over one or two shoulders, or fling one end over to the back. There’s no wrong way to wear a cashmere shawl. The blanket approach works great for airplanes, trains, and in areas with air conditioning like hotels and offices. Cashmere travel wraps are one of the best investments for people on the go! Other wraps with a soft draping effect include a cowl and waterfall wrap, which creates a comfy gathering of fabric across the chest.

Modern Flair

Many people think of cashmere shawls and wraps as removable accessories, but what if you wore them as an inherent part of your outfit? Turn your cashmere into a wrap sweater by draping it around your shoulders and securing it with a belt. Stay warm and elegant with a wrap that doubles as a hood, a timeless style referred to as a snood. Finally, get creative with knots! Who says you can only loop it once? From pretzel knots to innovative wrappings, cashmere wraps can turn a simple outfit into a statement outfit.

Year-Round Use

Cashmere wraps aren’t just for the cold months of the year. In fact, they work equally well over a jacket as they do a strapless dress. The versatility is unmatched, making them a wardrobe staple. Still not sure? Look for cashmere wrap sales to snag a great deal. Then give it a try. We have a feeling you’ll love it just as much as we do.

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