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Fall 2022 Knitwear Sweater Color Trends & Our Process

Color Trends for 2022 Knitwear and Our Process

While everyone begins getting ready for the warmer weather, our team starts the long climb to create next year's fall/winter line. So, we thought we would give you a sneak peek into how we go about doing one of our most essential tasks, choosing the fall colors. Some of it is scientific, some is inspiration, and a lot is research and working with yarn companies to develop a set of cohesive colors for the next season. Of course, not everyone will do it this way, but it works for our team.

Scientific Data

In its simplest form, we look at what colors sold, what colors tend to sell the most, and what colors would fit the styles we are developing. Next, we look at competitors, see what they did the previous year, and see how their color selections sold. Finally, we send out surveys to some of our customers to get their feedback on the styles and color selections. These are data points that we use in our decision-making.

Runway and Big House Designers

Of course, we are always watching the latest and greatest from the top knit designers to get ideas and to see where things are going.  Below is a slide show of some of the knits from this year.

What fits the Brand

Our goal has always been to create timeless designer pieces that will stand the test of time. We avoid fads and quick trends because we want to create pieces you will wear years later. We like to update classics; we like to create versatile designs that can be worn in a variety of combinations. So, our colors have to reflect the same ideas. So, we always include a rich selection of neutrals and classic colors like Navy and then throw in what we call our stunners. These are unique colors that we selected that meet two criteria: They are unique distinct shades, and they are versatile enough that you can easily be combined them with anything.

A perfect example is our Sage color used on the Cotton Fisherman Crew and Cotton Hoodie. We went through about 25 swatches of that color to get exactly what we wanted. We wanted to avoid a color that would make your skin look yellow and still give us a beautiful deep light olive-type color. We think we nailed it, but we worked with the factory creating swatches large enough we could see how it changed a person's complexion and finally found one that worked.

PS – If you have been worried about how the Sage will look on you...Don't. Try it we think you will be surprised.

Are you still here?

Glad you stuck around after reading all that but thank you for sticking with it. Now we get to all the stuff you are wondering about… the fall line. First, let me say that we are not going to reveal the new styles in the blog/article but rather give you a glimpse at what colors you might be seeing this fall besides our standards. Many of you who own multiple versions of the Half Rib will like the next photo. 

Last year we introduced some dark olive colors, and this year we are continuing with that color, adding some slight changes to what styles we are doing it in. As shown in the photo above, we have also added charcoal this year. In addition, some of our bolder choices will be in red and orange hues. We may even have a few pink surprises in store.

From the Runway This Year

Neutrals, we added a few more shades going from white to brown and added a classic camel color to several styles this fall. We continued with the Undyed Cashmere, and Oatmeal/Parchment got extended to other styles. Finally, we added a new blue to replace our indigo. Earthy tones with subtle mélanges changes in the shades to give them depth finish out the fall colors, as you can see in the swatch photos.

We have gotten into greys this year as well. From deep charcoal to a classic flannel grey we offered last year to a very light silvery grey. We have also added a series of darker greys that are not mélange giving an almost pewter color… This is one of our stunners and will be out later in the fall.

I hope you liked the fall color preview. Leave a comment or send us a message at We would love to hear from you!

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