Merino Wool & Lambswool Sweater Collection

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Half Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater
Regular price $390.00 $179.00
  • Vintage Khaki
  • Dark Olive
  • Navy
  • Walnut
  • Black
Classic Cable Turtleneck Sweater
Regular price $445.00 $225.00
  • Moonbeam
  • Cabernet
  • Navy
  • Black
Cashmere Boyfriend Cardigan
Regular price $395.00 $175.00
  • Vintage Khaki
  • Navy
  • Stone Grey
Extra Fine Merino Roll Neck Tunic Sweater
Regular price $275.00 $110.00
  • Navy
  • Black

To us, a garment made of fine wool is a thing of beauty and a work of art. That's because our high-quality sheep's wool sweater collection including ultra-soft merino wool knitwear has centuries of tradition and expert craftsmanship behind it.

It begins, of course, with the sheep. Most of the wool for our designer wool sweaters is sourced from Australia's Geelong region, which is renowned for producing some of the finest merino and lambs wools in the world. After the sheep or lambs are shorn, fibers are separated and processed. The inferior fleeces end up being sold to mass manufacturers as the kind of itchy wool sweaters you may have experienced in the past.

Only the very best wool fibers are twisted and spun to produce the extra-fine merino wool we use for our wool sweater collection at Pura Cashmere.
The wool for our wool, lambswool sweaters is then carefully dyed in our suppliers' own dye houses and skillfully blended to achieve a vibrancy and depth of color rarely found. Our expert technicians spin the fibers with care and finesse to create a blended yarn with exceptional qualities. Based in England and Italy, our suppliers that create our extra-fine merino wool sweaters have been spinning high-quality merino wool for hundreds of years.

For you, that all translates into extra-fine wool that will keep you warm while looking effortlessly chic. Pura Cashmere's Women's wool sweater options are crafted to become heirloom-quality wardrobe staples, designed to look as good a decade from now as they do today. Shop our Women's wool & cashmere sweaters including extra-fine merino wool knitwear today!

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