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Undyed Organic Cashmere Sweaters

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Ribbed Cashmere Wrap - Indigo
Regular price $375.00 $165.00
    Ribbed Cashmere Wrap - Navy
    Regular price $375.00 $165.00
      Ribbed Cashmere Wrap - Black
      Regular price $375.00 $165.00
        Women's Cashmere Fisherman Crew Neck
        Regular price $395.00 $245.00
        • Harbor Grey
        • Driftwood (Undyed)
        • Navy
        • Dark Olive
        • Taupe (undyed)
        Cashmere High Neck Ribbed Sweater
        Regular price $650.00 $225.00
        • Taupe (Undyed)
        • Ecru
        • Navy
        Cashmere Two-Tone Side Piping Crewneck
        Regular price $385.00 $185.00
        • Navy - Orange
        • Navy - White
        • Flannel - Navy
        • Dark Olive - Black
        • Navy - Flannel
        • Camel - Black
        Ribbed Cashmere Wrap
        Regular price $375.00 $165.00
        • Oatmeal
        • Indigo
        • Driftwood (Undyed)
        • Navy
        • Dark Olive
        • Charcoal
        • Flannel
        • Taupe (Undyed)
        • Almond Blossoms
        • Black
        • Pashmina
        • Crystal Blue
        • Lilac Frost
        • Ermine
        Long Cashmere Cardigan Sweater
        Regular price $395.00 $195.00
        • Parchment
        • Navy
        • Taupe (Undyed)
        • Driftwood (Undyed)
        • Black
        • Pashmina

        We are proud to introduce our newest line — the Undyed Cashmere Collection! If you think organic cashmere is the best thing to grace the fashion industry, wait until you try our line of cruelty-free sweaters, pullovers, cardigans, and more. 

        What Is Undyed Cashmere?

        Our undyed line of women’s knitwear pieces takes cashmere to a higher standard by using dye-free and treatment-free yarn. In line with our brand, our newest line offers modern and minimalist designs using the goat's natural shades of fresh whites, creamy browns, and other earthy hues. Just look for the Undyed mark in the color selector for each sweater style.

        Every item in this collection uses carefully hand-separated by color Kashmir goat fibers to achieve unique natural colors:

        We observe practices that allow us to track our products’ environmental and social impacts. For example, using dye weakens any natural fiber. However, by avoiding the dying process, we create pieces that spring back to their original shape and maintain their strength and insulating characteristics better than cashmere fibers processed with chemicals and dye. In addition, the cashmere will become softer over time and have better anti-microbial resistance meaning it will fight odors better.

        Undyed Sweaters, Cardigans, and Wraps

        Our collection boasts cashmere pieces adhering to the industry’s highest standards. Here are some of the softest sweater and cardigan styles we offer with an undyed yarn:

        • Cashmere High Neck Sweater
        • Cashmere Ribbed Crew
        • Cashmere Fisherman’s Crew
        • Long Cashmere Cardigan
        • Cashmere Wrap

        Our women’s cashmere sweaters transport one of nature’s best materials right into your wardrobe.

        Revamp Your Autumn Wardrobe Now

        If you want to upgrade your style with the strongest, warmest, and most resilient cashmere there is, we recommend our undyed collection.

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