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Pullover & Crewneck Sweaters

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Cotton Fisherman Crew - Navy
Regular price $426.00 $224.00
    Cotton Fisherman Crew - Black
    Regular price $426.00 $224.00
      Women's Cashmere Fisherman Crew Neck
      Regular price $570.00 $354.00
      • Harbor Grey
      • Driftwood (Undyed)
      • Navy
      • Dark Olive
      • Taupe (undyed)
      Cashmere Two-Tone Side Piping Crewneck
      Regular price $556.00 $267.00
      • Navy - Orange
      • Navy - White
      • Flannel - Navy
      • Dark Olive - Black
      • Navy - Flannel
      • Camel - Black
      Relaxed Fit Cashmere Crewneck Sweater
      Regular price $469.00 $224.00
      • Pashmina
      • Flannel
      • Oatmeal
      • Dark Olive
      • Indigo
      Relax Fit Cashmere Crewneck Sweater
      Regular price $469.00 $224.00
      • Almond Blossoms
      • Lilac Frost
      • Crystal Blue
      Cotton Fisherman Crew
      Regular price $426.00 $224.00
      • Summer White
      • Oatmeal
      • Navy
      • Black

      The Pura Cashmere crew-neck sweater collection is the epitome of timelessness, comfort, and versatility. It includes crew necks of a wide variety of colors, styles, and fiber options. Each type is designed to make you look your best, from our famous ribbed relaxed crew to our new stunning racing crew.

      We pride ourselves on producing heirloom quality sweaters for women that will always be in style. So upgrade your wardrobe now with Pura Cashmere’s designer knitwear.

      Pullover Styles

      We have a diverse selection of women's cashmere crew neck sweaters, each style designed for a flattering, effortlessly chic look. We classify our garments into five styles: crewnecks, pullovers, boat necks, round necks, and bateau necks.


      Whether you prefer a crewneck sweater or a ribbed crewneck pullover, we have high-quality pieces ideal for long-time use. Crewnecks are some of our most sellable items because of their versatility in fashion and functionality. They provide breathability for warmer days and insulation in the winter. We take a classic style and bring it up to date in an understated and tasteful way.


      Most sweaters are considered pullovers, ideal for any season; pullovers come in various styles besides the classic crew neck. They keep us warm during the colder months, and we can wear them in the air-conditioned offices, restaurants, and theaters during warmer months. Additionally, they can add allure to any outfit through layers and dimensions.

      Boat Necks

      Boat necks run just below the collarbone. We recommend them for women with small to medium busts or pear-shaped bodies because they draw attention to the shoulders.

      Round Necks

      Round necks give off a more casual vibe than other styles. They may look like crewnecks, but they typically don’t fit as snugly as crewnecks do. We recommend them for accentuating cheekbones and chin lines.

      Bateau Necks

      A bateau neckline describes a broad line following the collarbone and remains high at the front and back. It creates the illusion of a fuller silhouette and is ideal for women with pear-shaped frames.

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      Natural Knitwear Fiber Options

      At Pura Cashmere, we aim to provide our clientele with classic heirloom-quality pieces that never go out of style. We only use the most resilient, versatile, and sustainable materials, including cashmere, Supima cotton, and extra-fine merino wool.


      Everyone in the fashion industry knows cashmere as one of the softest materials. Its thin fibers allow manufacturers to create elegant, long-lasting garments that provide unmatched comfort, insulation, and elegance.

      We recently launched an undyed cashmere collection, taking the fiber option to a higher standard through dye-free and treatment-free materials. Without dyes, cashmere naturally comes in fresh whites, creamy browns, and other earthy hues.

      If you’re looking for a women’s cashmere crewneck sweater or a cashmere fisherman sweater, or even another type of cashmere pullover sweater we have the ideal garments for you.

      Supima Cotton

      Supima is certified organic cotton, offering the highest luxury, quality, and craftsmanship standards. As a result, this American-grown fiber option often graces premier fashion shows and window displays throughout different seasons. Yet, no other cotton type comes close when it comes to sustainability, traceability, and durability.

      Extra-Fine Merino Wool

      Extra-fine merino wool offers more delicate threads than traditional wool, making it smooth and gentle against the skin. We recommend wearing it during the winter because it’s a super insulator that locks in body heat.

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      Upgrade Your Wardrobe Now

      It’s time to invest in timeless, comfortable, and versatile garments that you can use for years during any season. So upgrade your wardrobe now with heirloom-quality knitwear guaranteed to keep you looking and feeling great.

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