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Is a Cashmere Sweater Worth the Money?

When you hear the word cashmere, you instantly think of a soft, cozy, warm material, a luxury item made from natural materials. But did you know that the price of cashmere fell by 50% during the pandemic? 

How to Wear a Cashmere Wrap
Wraps are an essential closet component for all women. There’s nothing more comfortable (or chic!) than a cashmere wrap or shawl. These cashmere wraps are highly versatile and can even substitute for a lightweight sweaters but how do you wear a cashmere wrap?
How to Make the Most of your Spring and Summer Sweaters
We’re in that weird time of year when Mother Nature doesn’t seem to want to make up her mind. One day it’s chilly and rainy; the next, it’s warm en...
Maintaining Cashmere: It’s Not As Difficult As You Think
We’ve all seen the dreaded words on the tag before: Dry Clean Only. Maybe you’ve even put a sweater back on the shelf, deciding not to buy it becau...
Everything You Need to Know About Spring 2021 Fashion Color Trends
With spring finally here, it’s time to lighten up your closet. There’s no better way to update your wardrobe than by stepping out in the freshest, ...
6 Reasons to Love Spring Sweaters for Women
Reaching for sweaters in March, April and May might not be your first instinct, but there are many ways to pull off lightweight sweaters for spring...
Cashmere Sweater Care: A Guide to Storing Cashmere Sweaters
High-quality cashmere can last for decades. Discover the proper way to care and store for your cashmere.

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